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Gordon Eberwein

About Gordon Eberwein


Gordon Eberwein is a business professional based in Vancouver.

He attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology, where his studies focused on marketing and marketing management.
His decades of experience lie in the area of customer-focused business, sales and operations. He began his career as a licensed realtor with Royal LePage in Port Moody and remained with this company for 28 years.

Currently, Gordon Eberwein serves as the CEO of Derm-Biome, Inc. Derm-Biome Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The start-up company was founded near the end of 2018 through purchasing more than 40 patented birch bark natural compound derivatives. The company has spent more than $5 million advancing these compounds. These investments have produced promising results, highlighting that the product’s lead compound can improve the skin’s appearance. It does this by increasing the rate of skin turnover. The main ingredient in the product, Betulinic Acid, has exhibited antibacterial, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties. The product has strong potential in helping patients with acne, rosacea, oral abscesses, and minor skin bacterial infections. In animals with skin cancer, their product has shown to produce apparent anti-tumor cell activity in vitro and tumor regression.

The brand has three main areas they’re hoping to address with their products: aging, inflammatory skin disease and skin cancer. They aim to develop cosmetics and drugs to alleviate these concerns and potentially reprogram human microbiome. They’ll create two sectors of products: those to help in beautifying the skin by decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and those to deal with skin diseases.
Gordon Eberwein also serves as the President of el Gordo’s Chili Oil. Though a small company, the brand is inspired by the chili oil offered at cafes in the city of Paris. While the chili oil is only being produced in small batches and isn’t yet available to the general public, Gordon Eberwein hopes to start online sales in 2020. Chili oil offers several health benefits, as it’s a good source of vitamins D, A, E, K, and C; iron; and protein; as well as being good for your heart.

He also served as the President and general contractor for Eberwein Homes for 17 years. Gordon and his brother took the company over in the 1990s and carried on the brand’s legacy. Walter Eberwein founded Eberwein Homes in 1975. Since its start, the company has built more than 500 single-family homes. They combine classic French Country exteriors with open, spacious and bright interiors, paying keen attention to detail, layout and overall appearance.

Outside of his work, Gordon Eberwein is passionate about travel and is always visiting new places. Traveling offers him the chance to learn new cultures and experience things he otherwise would have never seen. He gets restless if he stays in one place too long, so he travels as much as he can.

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