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Before a company or a business comes into existence as a physical entity, it should first exist as a business plan. A business plan is more of an operational manual, which details every important aspect of the company. For new entrepreneurs, writing a comprehensive business plan from scratch requires focusing on five important areas.

Business objective(s)

This is the first important area to focus on. The business objectives segment outlines why the business is being established, and the particular need it intends to meet within the market. The business objectives serve as the backbone of the entire company and help ensure that the investment remains focused. Respective business goals should accompany the objectives.

Business capital

The business capital segment outlines the resources that are necessary to incorporate and run the business in the first few months or years before profits come by. Entrepreneurs should endeavor to select a suitable source of business capital. There are a couple of different business financing options available in the market, including bank loans, venture capital, angel investors, as well as personal savings. The volume of business capital required depends on the prospected size of the business.

Business products and services

Every business exists for the sole reason of providing products and services to customers. The product and service segment provides a comprehensive outline of what the business will be dealing with, upon establishment. In the spirit of weathering competition, every new business should endeavor to provide relatively unique products and services, which offer a great value proposition to customers. 

Target customers and marketing

The market proposition segment comprises an outline of the market that the business intends to target. The description of the market and customers should be in the form of population demographics, including age, location, and social-economic parameters. A good marketing strategy should also be outlined, stating how the company intends to penetrate the market.

Operational structure

The last important area to focus on within a business plan is providing a comprehensive operational structure of a business. This segment outlines how the business will be organized and run. An organizational structure comprising of the key positions, such as the employee size, the respective employee responsibilities, and the recruiting process, ensures that the business remains strong and sustainable over the generations.