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The Human Resources (HR) department of any business is charged with finding people within the company with qualifications to do specific jobs. Workers in this department will interview, screen, recruit and assign workers to their appropriate jobs. The job HR workers perform might also be referred to as Talent Acquisition, and sometimes there is a specific team within the HR department in charge of this. Human resource business partners (HRBP) are professionals who work directly with senior management to keep the HR department running smoothly.

Role of HRBPs

The role of a good HRBP should be a purely strategic one, business insiders suggest. Some business leaders feel that HR business partners are often dragged into transactions and operational issues, leaving them little time to focus on influencing the HR department to make sound decisions. An HRBP is responsible for translating the hiring needs expressed by senior management to the HR department. This way, the best-qualified individuals are placed in their respective positions.

Developing a Hiring Strategy

Think of an HR business partner as a consultant who works in the Human Resources department. He or she is the middle-man between HR department workers and the higher-ups, which could be the CEO(s) or the board of administration. The goal is to build relationships with people within the organization in all departments. This gives the HRBP a clear perspective of the workers within the organization and what they could bring to the table.

This individual needs to be good at listening to the needs of workers in all departments and offering actionable solutions to their problems. They don’t have any administrative power over any given department, but they can inform senior management about the working conditions in any given department, as well as the attitudes and productivity of any given employee. They might meet with department managers to help them communicate the needs of senior management to the employees they supervise.

Although their administrative responsibilities are minimal, HR business partners may have their part in developing human resource strategies and initiatives. The whole organization can be affected by these guidelines, making the role of an HR business partner an influential one. The HR business partner model is increasingly being adopted by the various types of business organizations.