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Writing a resume is possibly the most stress inducing part of the job application process. For many of us, having to write about ourselves without coming across as “over the top” or “cheesy” is next to impossible. Here’s a quick look at a few phrases that are making your resumes the running joke of the business that you’re applying at.


  1. “With a passion for…”

Unless it directly relates to the business that you’re applying for work at, they probably aren’t that interested in what you’re passionate about. Everybody has a passion in their life, and most of them don’t directly relate to what they do for a living.


  1. “A proven track record of…”

This phrase goes hand in hand with the tried and true “responsible for…” on resumes. The application that you’ve already submitted should have shown the hiring company your track record and what you have been responsible for in the past. Nothing will turn off those making the decision to hire you or someone else faster than redundancy. If you’ve been an accounts manager at one firm, you already put that on your application. You don’t need to put your “proven record of managing accounts” on your resume.


  1. “Goal oriented”

Of course you’re goal oriented; you’re trying to transition to a better job. “Goal oriented” is an attempt at finding a fancy way to say that you can meet deadlines. At best, it’s a lazy way to describe something that you should hope they already believe about you. Hopefully the references you’ve put on your application talk about how punctual and prompt you are at accomplishing tasks; there’s no need to call yourself “goal oriented.”


  1. “Team player”

I’ve always hated seeing this phrase on a resume. Much like goal oriented, I just think it’s kind of a meaningless talking point. Of course you’re going to say that you work well with others. I’m more interested in what the people that you’ve worked with in the past say about you. You’re not going to write “I’m a total jerk, and impossible to work with.” Calling yourself a team player doesn’t convince anybody that you work well with others.


There’s certainly a long list of phrases you need to leave off your resume